“Sama Sama,” translated to English from Tagalog [language of The Philippines] means “togetherness”. Our mission is to unify people of all cultures through music, sports and edutainment to uplift the youth and fight poverty.

Through our events, music and videos we spread the message of hope to people around the world. We use edutainment as a means to inspire communities to unify and mobilize for positive change. Join us and let's make the world better together!

Q-York - I Am Grand

The Sama Sama Foundation was founded by the multi-award winning Filipino-American
MC / Songwriter / Host and Entrepreneur, Knowa Lazarus of Q-York.


I am a social artist, I was born and raised in Queens, New York. Growing up in America, we take a lot of things for granted that we have. Growing up, I heard stories about the poverty in The Philippines but it was completely different when I experienced it first hand. I would look at the kids living in the streets and think to myself, that could have been me, only difference is where I was born. ​

I felt compelled to help wherever I could whether it was performing at charitable events, giving free workshops or just plain giving away some of my clothes and shoes. Sadly it never felt like enough. Those experiences made me look at my life and purpose differently. ​

In The Philippines we have an idea of "Bayanihan" which is a form of everyday heroism which basically means no-one is left behind. I learned this when I met Tony Meloto the founder of one of the largest and effective non-profit organizations in the world "Gawad Kalinga" (http://www.gk1world.com). He also taught me the idea of social enterprise, which is business that gives back to the community. The seed was planted.

​ Here I am now, a few years later and it dawned on me I can use my talent to help and inspire others, why not do it legitimately? Why not inspire other artists to follow the same path? And then is when it dawned upon me to create the Sama Sama Foundation. Music, sports and entertainment and helping others is what I love, so why not put it all together?

That's what this is all about, putting it all together and changing the world. As much as we are all different, there is so much more we have in common. So, I ask you whomever you are out there reading this, to join us in making a different. We cannot accomplish anything in this world alone, and that is why "Together Is Better".

- Knowa Lazarus of Q-York

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